save me

Our magazine is put together in-house and lacks presence and impact. I don’t want to upset the staff, but... What should I do? 9 times out of ten that poor employee who is tasked to put the in-house magazine together is way out of their depth and probably drowning in deadlines, but dare not cry for help. They would love some expert input and extra support.


We have consulted on many projects and see this as a major role that LUXE MEDIA can play. Perhaps you already have a magazine and don’t want to do anything quite as drastic as moving the publisher or changing the business model. You are happy with most things but there is something critical missing. We will analyse your existing set-up and offer solutions or improvements either on the business side, editorial side or both. This can either be done by working with the existing team, or it can be done on the quiet, providing you with the ammunition to mount a rearguard action of your own. We are super discreet. Often big corporations who produce their own in-house publications wonder why their publications are dreary as hell and lack impact, despite a sizeable budget. Call us and we’ll sharpen you up in no time.


Customer magazines and channels need to be measurable, accountable and provide a defined return on investment. It is no longer enough to simply be a “nice to have”; a custom publication has to work hard to substantiate the budget and show real returns. And that means sales. This emphasis on creativity and strategy is what sets LUXE MEDIA apart. It’s how we engage with your customers. More effective communications with your customers improves awareness of your products and services, and increases their retention of your brand. Achieving this requires a commitment to strategic planning and research, which guides the creative approach, ensuring that it works for both the brand and the customer.